Free Customizable WordPress Themes

If you are looking for an alternative to Thesis (I just looked at version 2.1 and its still a “need to know lots and lots of code” theme now).  I might’ve found a close replacement.

admiredAdmire is a simple and user friendly wordpress theme that makes it easy to add social share buttons, change all the colors, the layouts, and add a header image (in about five minutes). The trick for me is to right click on the name of your website (when you’re in the wordpress dashboard) and open that link in a new tab. Then you have the backend in one tab, and the front end in the other.

MantraMantra is an EXTREMELY customizable wordpress theme that boasts: “a pack of over 100 customization options and easy to use tweaks capable of tuning WordPress to your very specific needs and likes. With the help of a simple and efficient user interface you can customize everything:the layout (1,2 or 3 columns), total and partial site widths, colors (all texts, links, backgrounds etc.), fonts (over 35 font-families plus all Google Fonts), text and header sizes, post metas, post excerpts, post formats, header and background images, custom menus, 27 social media links and icons, pins, bullets and much much more.”

Boldr is a bold, magazine style, responsive WordPress Theme. It doesn’t have quite the options for changing colors, but its got some quick options that makes putting up a website easy (especially if you have good photography).

To find these free theme just enter the name in the search box in WordPress.

Goodnews Premium WordPress Theme $45

If you’ve got a small budget and like options then I have a wordpress theme for you. It’s called Goodnews and after watching a few videos I can see where it has its own drag and drop page builder. It has a bunch of widgets, and unlimited colors. It also ties in with Google fonts and is complete responsive. Best of all its only $45. Here are just a few of the built in features. For any podcasters looking to start a “network” you might want to peak at the video below. As I said before there are lots of options, including:

Alert bar
Unlimited Sidebars
Strong focus on typography, usability and overall user-experience- (care with every single detail)
Social Icons in header and footer
Built in Slider
Built in advertising.

This video has no sound, but shows the flexibility of the theme


If you’ve ever used Google Hanougouts On Air, you know they are a great way to broadcast live for free. hey have some great tools like chat, screen sharing, etc. That’s the good news. When it comes to setting up, and launching a Google Hangout there are a lot of hurdles to jump over, and T’s to cross, etc (see my playlist). Well I just found out about a cool plugin that simplifies everything and turns your Google Hangout into a lead generating tools. It’s called Google Hangout Plugin.

Hangout Plugin - Run Webinars From WordPress


The plugin adds all the things that Google Hangouts On Air is missing:

•Plug ‘N Play simplicity – setup hangouts in 5 steps from your WordPress dashboard.

•Provide Full Registration Facility – Hangouts have been missing the ability to set a date and send registrations to the page – capturing leads.
(Hangout plugin integrates with major autoresponders instantly too!)

•Provide reminder emails – Send emails to registered event attendees – making sure that the people don’t MISS the hangout – getting more people to the event on time.

•Allow Registered Leads To Be Exported – One click into csv files

•Maintain complete BRANDING Control – This is massive – because the Hangout plugin embeds the hangout into YOUR site, the person is watching via youtube as you live stream the event, but the branding is all controlled by the site. (huge!!)

•Follow Up Email System Built In – After the event, send people automatic thank you emails and links to the replay (automatically done by youtube)

Quit Paying Monthly Fees For Webinars

Instead of spending $99 for GotoWebinar, or $49 for GoToMeeting, or Meeting Burner, etc. You can have all that functionality with NO MONTHLY FEES. The website says its only going to be $27 until 6/5/2013

Check it out at www.hangoutplugin.com

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CMS Commander

Manage Multiple WordPress Sites and Generate Great Content with CMS Commander

I checked out CMS Commander that I heard mentioned onthe WordPress Plugins A To Z podcast and went over to check it out. I recently talked about Manage WP on the podcast and this is somewhat similar, but it does have a unique slant. The biggest difference being this is form the people who create WP Robot. While both Manage WP and CMS Commander have great tools to let you update your plugins and themes from one login. Both have tools to help you facilitate backups of your website, and both have stats that show your traffic from all of your sites in one location. CMS commander has an emphasis on helping you create content through legal channels. CMS Commander is slightly more expensive per website so it will depend on if you need help generating content for your website (after all the best SEO trick is great content).

CMS Commander also works with drupal, joomla, and other CMS tools. Check it out at cmscommander.com

Pushbutton SEO WordPress Plugin

Push Button SEOPushbutton SEO is a wordpress plugin not only helps you find great keywords, it monitors what keywords people are laready using to find you (so you can utilize the Google Juice yo already have) and Unlike other plugins that simply check your post content, PushButton SEO analyzes the raw source code of your site just like the search spiders, giving you a TRUE measure of how well your SEO is working for you. It will find related videos, links, images, blog posts and more so you can create great content to keep people coming back to your site. When a page on your site is optimized, its ranking meter is green. When the meter is red, you need to give it optimization attention ASAP. It doesn’t get simpler than that, and you can see where to focus at a glance. For more information go to pushbuttonseo.com

Check For Plugin Redundancy

I found this on the Manage WP Plugin blog. When it comes to reducing the size of yoru worpdress install it pays to remove plugins that you may not be using, it can be replaced. Their website states:

“Let’s start with the basics. There are two things that you should know about deactivated themes and plugins on your WordPress dashboard:

They take up unnecessary space
They represent a security risk (your site can still be breached via deactivated themes and plugins)

That’s two good reasons to get rid of deactivated themes and plugins. I would also recommend that you take a close look at your activated plugins and ask yourself whether you really need all of them. It could well be that the functionality present in two plugins is actually covered by one (for instance, WordPress SEO by Yoast includes XML sitemap functionality, therefore negating the need for a separate XML sitemap plugin), or that you have a bloated plugin whose resource intensiveness is not worth the added functionality. Use the Plugin Performance Profiler Plugin to single out the main offenders.

Beyond mitigating the two issues above, removing plugins should also result in an increase in site speed, which is never a bad thing.

Hit Tail Remarks

After hear about some  of the things Pushbutton SEO does, I may be saying goodbye to Hit Tail. This is a great service that lets me know what keywords i could rank well for, but after using a few months, it seems its providing me with the same keywords each month. I can use their service to have an article generated, but I could probably use CMS Comander to do something similar.




Sneaky Affiliate PluginFor the next 3 days (midnight, October 10th), we’re giving away our wicked-cool, “Sneaky Affiliate” plugin – the Unlimited-site license – a $37 value – for FREE!

What is so “sneaky about this plugin and what does it do?

Sneaky Affiliate plugin allows you to create an exit popup. You know one of those, “Are you sure you want to leave? We have a free gift for you!” type of message. That is not the sneaky part.

The cool thing is as it is asking your visitor if they are sure they want to leave, it is putting your affiliate cookie on their machine. This way even if they don’t go there today, if they go there in the future you will receive credit for that sale.

The plugin lets you setup links for each posts (it’s not a “one pop up for everyone” kind of plugin). This way you can have some post/pages be “sneaky” and others post/pages not.

This is from the people who create and support Digital Access Pass (so you know its quality, and even better support).

You can see a video of how easy it is to set this up. You can specify how frequently this appears on your page/post.

To pick up your copy, get there before the 10th. It’s looks like a pretty cool plugin. I’ll be talking more about this in the future as I picked up my copy.