Expert Copywriting Software

Today we have a few tools for you to play with. You can check out a free version of photoshop at

The next tool I heard about at it’s called Crawltrack at which allows you to track search engine spiders and their visits along with other interesting details. It also blocks hackers. Its free.

Scribe Juice creates sales pages, generates power words, helps with the layout, built in analytics, it has research tools and more. It has a ton of stuff built into it, and why spend years becoming an expert when you can use this software. For more information go to

Pic2coloris an interesting site where you point it at a graphic (locally or on the Internet ) and it will come up with a matching color scheme. is an interesting site to get some constructive criticism on your site.

In the News
Ebay and affiliate program is leaving commission junction and going in house starting April 1.