Measure My SEO WordPress Plugin an Alternative to SEOPressor?

One of the things I love about helping people with their WordPress sites is I get to see what plugins they are using. Today I came across a new premium wordpress plugin that automatically rates your “on page” seo. Great for anyone who does seo and especially for local consultants to use for local businesses. It’s call Measure My SEO.  It’s from Jason Fladlien and Wison Mattos (don’t worry I had never heard of them before either).

What this plugin does is it scores you on things that boost SEO. Such as:

Measure My SEO

Is your keyword in your Meta Tag?

Is your keyword in your Meta Description tag?

Is your keyword phrase in your meta keyword tag?

Is your keyword density matching a level that you get to set.

Is your keyword in an H1 tag along with H2 and H3?

Is your keyword phrase in Strong, bold, italic, or em tags?

Is your keyword image in the alt text of an image?

This tools automatically checks your post as you type it (at an interval you set) and then scores your post. You can also have it checked any time you want by clicking on the SEO check button. There is a  video that shows everything and it’s only a few minutes long. You can check it out at and the plugin is $49.

It’s SEOPressor but Less Expensive

I talked about SEOPressor in the past. It’s a very cool SEO Plugin that does many of the same things that Measure My SEO does automatically. However, SEOPressor costs $47 for a single license and $97 for an unlimited version. Measure My SEO is $49 and you can use it on any domain that you personally own. Sure it won’t bold my keywords for me, or mark them with italics, but I can do that for myself to save 50 bucks.

Another Premium WordPress SEO Plugin is Inbound Writer

There is a free version of Inbound writer that you can use, but it will tag your article with a link to their website at the end. This is if you use their plugin. If you don’t want that you can create a free account on their website and have their system optimize eight documents per month. If you want unlimted critiques, it’s 19.95 and I assume that takes the tag off your article. This does provide more posts that Scribe (which only gives 15 for $18, but has keyword tools as well). If you want check out the free version they are at

Combined with Keyword Winner for a One TWO SEO Knock Out

I previously reported on Keyword winner premium plugin that analyzes Keywords for traffic and competition in minutes. You could use this tool to find good keywords, and then use measure my SEO to make sure you are getting the most out of these keywords. I see where Keyword Winner is $47, but here is a spoiler alert. If you go to leave the page they knock the price down by 10 bucks and throw in a free ebook on Keywords. Check it out at

 Yoast de Valk Webinar on SEO

There is an interesting webinar with Yoast de Valk (who rules the WordPress SEO world) here.