WP AD Center - Better Than Max Banner AdsIn the past we’ve talked about plugins like Max banner ads that allows you to creatively rotate ads throughout your website. We’ve talked about OIO publisher that allowsy ou to sell ads directly to people on your website. At the end of 2011 a new player came into the WordPress Ad rotation plugin game. It’s called WP Ad Center. It is super flexible, super powerful, and super affordable. Here is a quick overview of the features.

unlimited Zones featuring standard ad sizes or create a custom size.

Create campaigns to track performance of each ad complete with easy to understand graphics.

Advertisers can login to their own account to manage their account, and see their own stats.

Place ads via short code, php script, or widget. In a nutshell create unlimited zones, and then put them anywhere.

Sell time based ads OR impression based ads.

Have campaigns start and stop automatically (great for time sensitive campaigns).

Single license $49. wpadcenter.com

Cranky Ads

This is a free plugin that allowsy ou to sell ads on your site. Its flexible and easy to use, and you’ll give 25% to them for using their service. The other thing I didn’t like here is your potential sponsor had to sign up with an account at crankyads.com If you are looking for them you have to have some pretty serious traffic coming to your site. I liked the ease of use of this plugin, and if you want to just use your own programs, it can be used for that. You won’t get any stats, but its hard to argue with free.


  1. I think you mentioned in a subsequent episode here or over on SoP that you were having some problems with WP Ad Center and Thesis. I use Thesis and was thinking about buying WP Ad Center and was wondering if you had any updates on any potential conflicts between the two and how easy any fixes have been?

  2. Dave Jackson

    They just came out with version 1.1 and I have yet to try it. Will update this week. Thanks for listening.

  3. Dave Jackson

    We never could get it to work, s they refunded my purchase. Great guys. They could never identify what the problem was. On paper everything should’ve worked.

  4. I like WP Ad Center but the Stats are useless to us and our advertiser clients. We need to be able to see the raw data in tabular form like most other ad and analytics packages. I tried to email them but have gotten no reply. I would love to get the feature i need but if i cannot, then I need a refund. Can anyone here help me get in contact with the author so hopefully we can come to a solution that works for everyone? Thanks.

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