When I was in college I worked at a Drive in restauarant. I was a car hop. We were all teenagers and college students. Every day someone called easking if they worked, or they drove in on their day off to write down their schedule. We weren’t the brightest bulb in the bunch. I wish we had When I Work back then. This web based application makes setting up a schedule a breeze. Then your employees can get notified via text, email, or they can check their schedule on the web, or on their Android or iPhone via free apps.

I set up a mock schedule. I set myself up as an employee, and easily put in my availability. I then dragged and dropped me on to a shift and that was it. You can easily control shift swaps, and enjoy a productive work enviornment where you focus on your customers and not your schedule. The best thing is prices start at $9.95 a month up to 10 emplyees. I see this as a now brainer as you waste so much time dealing with the schedule and When I work takes care of it. Check it out at wheniwork.com

Stat My Web

Statmyweb provides detailed and accurate statistics of websites across the web. It lets you explore any website information along with its history. Stat My Web provides detailed stats like – when it was created, where is it hosted, how much is it worth and where does it rank on the web.

In additional we show estimated visits, alexa traffic rankings, geo tracking, domain name analysis, keywords ranking, indexed pages and links analysis. The list does not end here. There’s much more information you can browse about any website on the internet at Stat My Web. Check it out at www.statmyweb.com


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