Ultimate Heatmap How You Can Increase Your Advertising Revenue Without ANY Additional TrafficI got a tip from a listener who enjoyed the episode about Clicktale, and she thought “I don’t know a thing about Heat Maps. She did some research and found a book called “The Ultimate Heatmap.” This books goes over the results that the author came to after doing years of researching, split testing, and studied usability and ad performance. It has details, as well as it provides with templates for ads, and websites to show you what converts.

It shows the three ad sizes that work best and what things on your website that annoy visitors. He even explains WHY things work. That to me is HUGE. If you make your own advertisements (maybe for your affiliate links) this book could provide you with the insights to help you get the best results.

The book has a bonus that talks about the results of studies into using different colors on your website.There is a free sample of the book at their website.

Check them out at ultmiateheatmap.com

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