Social Media Widget Plugin

Screen Shot of iCons for Weekly Web Tools

Today is a quick show, so I found a quick plugin for WordPress that puts your social media icons on your sidebar. They have all the tools you can imagine, and there are premade icons for each website. All you do is enter the url, and click save. To find this free plugin, just search for Social Media Widget in the WordPress Plugin directory.

New Weekly Web Tools Facebook Page

I’ve always been afraid to start a weekly web tools facebook page as I don’t live on Facebook (I check it about once a week). However, if you and other supporters of the show would like to communicate on Facebook, I’ve now created a space. You can find it at

iTunes Comment Please

Again, as I start to add these icons, I noticed that the listing for Weekly Web Tools in iTunes has only two reviews. Got a second? Coul you please go to and add a positive review?

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