Manage FlitterIf you are tired of all the noise in your twitter feed you might look into Manage Flitter. This tool does more than mass unfollows. Their PowerPost feature allows you to see the best time to post Tweets based on your account. They offer an analytics system to let your track your results. Their unfollow tool is very powerful This tool will immediately show you the people who you’ve followed who don’t follow you back, are inactive, have no profile image and much more. Sort by a range of criteria including influence, date of follow and many more attributes. It also has tools when it comes to following people. It allows you to filter and copy another person’s followers or just reciprocate back when people follow you. You can see the interface and use the unfollow tool for free. For the other tools it starts at $12 a month for one account. If you have between 2-5 accounts, the cost is $24.

Site Wide Spelling Checking Tools

InSite does more than just website spell checking. While crawling InSite looks for broken links and server errors. InSite detects and reports all types of HTTP server errors, URL redirections, invalid relative path errors, page timeouts and more. InSite is the fastest way to check your entire website for errors. Where $59 its seems like a bargain.

PowerMapper SourtSite also checks spelling site wide, accessibility, broken links, and checks to make sure its compatible on multiple platforms.. It’s $149


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