OptinSkin is a premium WordPress plugin. The plugin was developed to fulfill the need to split-test opt-in forms quickly and easily, anywhere on a blog, to maximise conversions and make more money. It’s pretty easy. You pick a skin, choose your email provider (Aweber, etc), choose where you want the form, choose any kind of effects like fading in, and that’s it. The plugin comes with 18 different premade skins, and you can EASILY change the color and look of the forms. You can test this on optinskin.com The plugin goes for $47 (which is the same price at WPsubscribers)

From The Audience: Scott eisenhuth sent in these two:

Ooma- It’s a VOIP phone service.  Basically the deal is you buy their box hook it to your internet and start making calls. The good part is the price. You pay for the box when you buy and that’s it, no monthly charge expect for local taxes. Yes, you heard me correct a one-time payment! I took my phone costs down from around $50 a month to about $4 a month now. You can buy the box directly from them or from Amazon, Best Buy or even COSTCO. I’ve seen the box cost vary anywhere from $150 to $200. They charge $39 to handle the work of getting your current phone number switched over to their system. They do offer $10 a month service with more bells and whistles but I’ll good with the free service. And yes the free service does have voice mail.

Another thing I like and use is a thing called Splash ID Key Safe. URL:http://www.splashdata.com It’s a 4 gig USB stick with a program for MACs and PCs on it to store and manage all your passwords. I’m sure you are like me and have tons of password required logins- this tool is the thing to keep all those passwords handy and yet protected. The program on the USB also has forms to save all kinds of other personal info that needs to be kept secure- like credit card numbers, account numbers, etc. The cost is $30.

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