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Survey Gizmo Takes Your Surveys to the Next Level

We talked about surveys in the past. We’ve mentioned Survey Monkey and the wordpress plugin called “Surveys.” Today I found a great tool if you’re really looking to take customer service to a new level. If you are looking to create a dynamic survey that branches out to additional questions based on previous answers, this is the tool for you. The feature list on their website is amazing. It just goes on and on. The one thing I really like is you don’t have to send people to their website. They stay on your website, and the survey is completely customizable. You can even edit at the CSS level if needed.

Using this tool you can create customer surveys, employee reviews, student quizzes and more. You can even have responders upload files. You can use it for registration and then automatically send follow up emails. You can easily use it as a contact form, and add people to your mailing list.

There is a 14 day free trial if you’d like to try it out before you buy it. There is no long term contract needed, and if you just need it for a month the price is $75. If you are going to be doing on going surveys, it make more sense to purchase the annual account for $810/yr ($68 a month). For more information go to

Track Your ROI with Improvely

Improvely Marketing AnalyticsAs a business owner, entrepreneur, or small business person we all want to get the maximum bang for our buck and not spend money on things that result in a low return. You might have Google Adsense, Facebook Ads, and other tools to get the word out about your products and website. How do you know what is delivering the best traffic? How do you do this without spending all day jumping from one tool to the next.

The system checks the number of visits, as well as the number of people and conversions. Improvely shows you where your revenue and conversions are coming from so that you can spend more time on marketing that works, and stop wasting money on the ads, keywords and landing pages that don’t.

It also helps you detect click fraud. Nobody wants to pay for clicks that are fraudulent. Whether it’s excessive non-converting clicks from specific countries, or a competitor clicking your ads, Improvely can detect and notify you of suspicious activity immediately.

Improvely works with any affiliate program that supports tracking pixels or subid parameters. That’s 95% of the major affiliate networks and most affiliate program software. If your network doesn’t let you place a tracking pixel, just upload an exported commission report to Improvely.

The system also works with Google Analytics and any other tracking services you already have in place. Improvely will pick up existing tracking parameters in your tagged links (utm_*) and can optionally create new tracking links with these parameters as well.

The tool is only if you get less than 10,000 visits per month, it’s only $29 a month. That is a very affordable price and could help you avoid spending money in areas that are not returning any visitors or conversation.

There is a free interactive demo that you can play with to see the types of stats you can get from the system.

For more information go to

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