Recently Market Samurai had an issue with pulling their queries from Google. I purchased Market Samurai, and to honest, either I have really crappy ideas or I can’t find a good keyword to save my life. With all the complaining about Market Samurai being out of service for a small period, everyone was looking for an alternative. The common answer seemed ot be Long Tail Pro. This is the software from Spencer from He has been involved in Internet Marketing for about 5 years and has developed hundreds of long tail websites.

He has tried dozens of keyword tools and finally got frustrated enough with all of them to just create his own. Because he is so passionate about creating niche websites and because he actually understands why these keywords are so vitally important, he will continuously strive to make Long Tail Pro the most effective software on the market.

Here is what it does:

3 Primary Functions of Long Tail Pro

Keyword Research

Input multiple root keywords at once! (This will save you hours of time over other software – GUARANTEED!)
Generate up to 800 keywords per Seed keyword (must be logged into Google account).
Automatically input your filter settings for all keywords generated (another HUGE timesaver)
Automatically search for exact match domains.
Automatically search for Title Competition (AllinTitle on Google).
Filter keywords based on search volume, CPC, or other criteria.
Export to CSV so you can use the data as you want.

Competitor Analysis

Quickly check all the critical data that you need to see for the top 10 competitors in Google.
Input the keyword and see information on the ranking: URL, Title, meta keywords/description, PageRank, Site Age, SEOmoz Page Links, .edu Links, .Gov Links, Yahoo Directory, and DMOZ directory

Rank Checker

Quickly check the rankings of your websites for your chosen keywords in Google, Yahoo, and Bing
Your websites and keywords are saved so you don’t have to re-enter the information. But you can always change as needed.

Check it out at

Check it out at

Free PDF to Word Converter

I found a cool tool for converting a PDF document to word format. You simply go to and upload the PDF and enter your email. They send you the word doc. This is from the people who make Nitro Pro a PDf editing tool thats much cheaper than Adobe acrobat. Check it out at


  1. I believe that Rank Tracker (a tool from SEO PowerSuite) is an alternative to both these tools. I tried it once, then I could buy it with a Christmas discount and using it till now.

  2. Alex Frost

    the only working alternative to Market Samurai I found is SEO PowerSuite by This software is really great, since it completely meets all my SEO needs (checking rankings, backlinks analysis etc). So, you may try it yourself))

  3. Janek

    Have your tried Metrics11? It is really interesting alternative, it shows you many interesting properties like age of domains of your competitors, accurate competition of advertisers, number of backlinks for top results and so on.

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