is an interesting website where you can list yourself as an expert as well as find experts. The best thing is you can pay them by the minute. So if you need a quick answer this might be the tool for you. When I went over to check out the site you have to login via LikedIn, or facebook (not a fan of this, but oh well). It didn’t take but a few minutes to setup my profile, list my expertise, and add a video to help promote my service. That was the good news.

The bad news is video I listed (from youtube) doesn’t display on their site. That’s not very helpful. When I clicked on search to find an expert I got an error message (that was not really helpful). I did play some more and those seemed isolate incidents.

The help page states they take a fee (but not how much – that’s not very helpful). Then later if you dig into their terms you see that they charge a 15%.

The key (for me to work) is if I get some clients I will be more than happy to give a 15% finders fee. After all I give a bigger cut for my affiliate program.

Special thanks to Andrew from

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Special thanks to Jason Rivers who put me as one of his top podcasts to listen to


  1. Thanks for another great podcast. I always look forward to listening to your reviews of products and services, both from your first impression and from experience. I definitely appreciate the shout-out and the link back to my site. I look forward to more!

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