Raven Internet Marketing ToolsToday we have an interview live from the New Media Expo floor with the folks at Raventools, and we talk about a free tool to put youtube videos on your website and have them looking great,.

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TubePress – Great Looking Video galleries On Your Site

TubePress is an open source PHP library that displays gorgeous YouTube and Vimeo videos and galleries in your blog. It’s available as a WordPress plugin or as a stand-alone PHP library. TubePress is available in two different packages: the free WordPress plugin and the more powerful TubePress Pro. The table below identifies the difference between the two. Be sure to check out the Feature Showcase to see all of these features in action. Check out tubpress

Raven Tools

Raven tools was started by a company who did tons of SEO work for agencies. They are killing themselves trying to organize data, and run reports. They eventually just built a better mouse trap, and now you can have it as well. Save tons of time with their suite of tools. If it sounds like a learning curve issue, don’t worry Raven hosts weekly walkthrough demos every Wednesday at 11am CST. These 45-minute webinars feature an overview of Raven’s major SEO, social media and reporting tools, as well as an interactive Q&A. This suite does it all. Want to understand more without any worries? Sign up for their 30 day free trial.



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