In today’s show we look at a tool to help you earn income from your website. I learned about it at the New Media Expo. It’s called Cemmerce. Here is that their website has to say: “Cemmerce content monetization tools offer the highest accuracy and relevant sales information available to content creators today.The free solution monetizes past, current and future content with no more than a few lines of added code and readers are able to easily purchase the products as they are reading about them.

cemmerceThe cool thing about cemmerce is that it looks at what you are writing about on your website, and dynamically puts a price comparison. This leads to more people clicking on their product.

You can have it for one or for all of your sites under one control panel. You enter your paypal information to get paid. When it comes to earning, here is how the commission  is broken down.

The commission percentage depends on three factors:

1. The product

2. The volume

3. The retailer

While the average commission is around 4%, because of the volume Cemmerce generates we usually get a higher commission. Some products will get the content creator 4%, while others, (cosmetics for example) may pay content creators as much as 20%.
Some retailers are a lot more generous than others, so commission for the same product will vary based on that as well.
Cemmerce keeps 25% of the commission, and passes the other 75% on to the content creator. Our optimization algorithms are NOT optimized to highest commission payout, but to highest conversion. So retailers that convert better (probably due to better customer service, better return policy, etc.) will be ranked higher and get more exposure,. Why? Because even though they might pay a lower commission, more deals will close, and a larger dollar amount will be generated.

For more information to to

WP RSS Multi Importer

If you’re in the content aggregation business, this plugin could be a real boon for you. WP RSS Multi Importer gives a pretty hefty hint of its functionality in its name — it allows you to import and consolidate multiple RSS feeds into a WordPress page (or you can repost them on your blog).Think of it as a home grown version of Yahoo Pipes. You can also take in all your RSS feeds and then export them as one feed.


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