The people who made the Google hangout plugin have come out with a new version with tons more features. You can capture leads, export your attendee list, schedule webinars to run at any time. It really does everything all those big name webinar systems do, except there is not monthly fee.  It’s amazing. This video has a brief introduction and then goes into a demonstration. It looks very cool. Check out

When this was previously released as the Google hangout on Air plugin , it made Hangouts on Air Super easy (from a single dashboard) . This new version allows you to do evergreen webinars, and you can have them scheduled through the day. It now has a built in chat feature and the ability to have optin pages on screen, as well as live polls (Google Hangouts doesn’t have that). It’s very cool. Right now it’s $27, but with no monthly fees, it is a bargain at any price.


  1. Mike McClellan

    You say that the price is $27, but when I go to the site, it is $97. What’s up with that? Did I click the wrong link?

  2. Grant

    Hi Dave,

    Heard about this on the podcast this morning (on the train) – but sad to see the price is now $97-00, and the there is no way on his webpage or Google+ to send him a message with a question!

    I want to give this thing a whirl, but reluctant to hand over the spendoolies to someone who does not want to be contacted!



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