We have talked about how scarcity for a product or offer boosts sales. I found a new countdown timer that has some unique features that other tools didn’t have.

Responsive – this is huge in a world where more and more traffic comes from mobile.

It has lots of templates and you can make your own.

You can set up evergreen timers (meaning when a visitor refreshes the page, the timer does NOT restart).

There is a very cool version of a timer that has a transparent background.

Here is a video from the maker explaining the other features.

For more information go to countdownrocket.com




Today I share a conversation that I had on the Ask the Podcast Coach show with Jim Collison from the Avergae Guy.tv Where I had told him about Buffer, and now he is playing with Social Bro. It’s a cool tool that gives you crazy insights into your twitter followers, and it also has a powerful search tool for finding your target audience.

I really liked who easy it is to see when the best times to tweet, and it also shows some great insights who the fake followers are, and which of your followers have unsubscribed. The best part is many of these reports are free.

If you want to go the premium route it’s only $.13.95 a month (no long term agreements and you can try it for 15 days). The free account is free forever.

You can check it out at Social Bro.com

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Easy Sketch pro is yet another very cool video tool. This does more than putting text on the screen, it also sketches items (words, pictures, etc). If this was 1994 this software would be $400. Thanks to what I’m calling the App economy, we can now get this for $39. Watch the video for two things.

1. That’s right I’m on a boat (explicit)

2. Really cool software.


What’s interesting is this software is already spawning other products. You can get a ton of more graphics to “sketch” from another company for $17.


Rescue TimeToday I review a free tool that you can download an install and it will track EVERYTHING you do and EVERY website you go to (you can have it ignore certain types of websites if you wish).  It does one thing, and it does it well. You can install it, setup some categories, and at the end of the day categorize what your actions were (productive or not). Once you have these set, you’re done. Now when I use Sound Audio studio, it knows I’m being productive and I’m doing “podcasting.” When I’m on youtube, I’m probably not. If I’m on a hangout I am being productive (categorized as podcasting). It’s cool. It’s free.

For the ability to block sites, and receive alerts (hey you’ve been on facebook too long) it’s $9 a month and you get more detailed reports.

For me it was amazing on seeing how much wasted time I could rescue.