YouZign Vs Canva

Canva is a great tool for creating graphics online. They have an ipad app, and some great graphics. If you use one of the stock photos, the charge is $1. I recently made some artwork for a podcast that cost me $1. Now if I was a person that blogged frequently, tweeted frequently, and created youtube videos frequently, this could add up.

YouZign is also an online tool for creating graphics. It is (currently) $47. It is a one time fee. When I tried it out, it is very flexible, and easy to use, but the graphics that they include are more clip are than photographs. If you’re making flyers, and such for the Church cookie sale this might work, but not so much in online business. The cute little cartoons might work in video, but my jury is still out for using them in marketing materials.

The way they keep the price low is they are building more templates and you can get $100 more for around $65.

They do have a nice preview so you can see how the graphic would work (for example) on an  actual Facebook page.


If you make LOTS of graphics, the price savings would make it a wise choice. In the video below I used it for about 5 minutes (so you may be seeing operator error). I wanted to show you the learning curve (if there is one).

Here is the Sample Video

Here is the video I created

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Easy, Fast, Copywriting Tool – Script Doll

Today we have a tool to help create copy for your website. It’s Call Script Doll, and its pretty cool. You put in the demographics of your audience, you put in your product, and from there you can have it spit out sales letters, email blasts, video sales letters and more. It’s impressive. It’s not perfect, and like everything I had to go back and teak some stuff as it is taking your input and putting it into what amounts to be a template.

The templates are created by copywriting gurus, and I must say that after ready the first thing it spit out at me, I was thinking, “Man when I write copy it just sucks”. I was getting sucked into my own product. As there is no “one size fits all” there will be some tweaking. Script doll gets you most of the way and you tweak the rest.

The price is $61 a month. I can see some folks purchasihng this for one month, getting all the copy they need, and cancelling their subscription (which is why its probably $61 a month). Now let’s think about this. One of my favorite books on copywriting is by Ray Edwards. You can learn alot about copywriting from this book

It will alos take you more than 20 minutes to read it. So if you want good copy, that you can edit (the program gives you your copy in a word document or pdf), and use on your site in a matter of minutes (not days) this is an impressive tool. Here is a video

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