I went to a conference and saw a presentation from someone at LeadPages. It was really good without being a giant commercial for LeadPages. At the end of the presentation, I asked the rep if he had 4,000 email lists if you are giving away all these ebooks and other incentives for people’s email address. Then the lights came on.

You can have your list in Aweber (or whatever provider) and LeadPages delivers the incentive, and then adds them to your main list. This way you can have a ton of pages with different incentives, and still noly have one central list (or as many lists as you want). Originally I thought emailing my list after I gave away all these incentives was going to be a nightmare, but after some time with the rep I now see the advantage of LeadPages.

Pricing starts at $37. I chose the $67, and there is a $99 package (all per month) if you want to be a super user. Here is a quick video .



The people who made the Google hangout plugin have come out with a new version with tons more features. You can capture leads, export your attendee list, schedule webinars to run at any time. It really does everything all those big name webinar systems do, except there is not monthly fee.  It’s amazing. This video has a brief introduction and then goes into a demonstration. It looks very cool. Check out runclick.com

When this was previously released as the Google hangout on Air plugin , it made Hangouts on Air Super easy (from a single dashboard) . This new version allows you to do evergreen webinars, and you can have them scheduled through the day. It now has a built in chat feature and the ability to have optin pages on screen, as well as live polls (Google Hangouts doesn’t have that). It’s very cool. Right now it’s $27, but with no monthly fees, it is a bargain at any price.


We have talked about Contest blitz in the past which is a great tool for growing your email list, today we look at Raffle Plus which is a $19 plugin that allows you to create a prize and allow people to enter via facebook like, G+, twitter, blog comment, or email subscription. You can assign points to each action. When a contestant goes to the contest page they will see their totals.

It’s an interesting tool, but its hard to get a grasp on as the developer doesn’t even have a description tat properly explains what it does (I learned by looking at the screen shots). There is no video explanation, etc. So for developers, there is a lesson to be learned here. I don’t think I would buy this just because it looks like ti was designed by some guy in his basement  - because it probably is. Where a system like Contest Blitz  has a bit more pizzazz, and professionalism. I know Raffle Plus has more features (it will randomly pick or winner oyou can manually do it) but I would be more inclined to go with Contest Blitz.

Check out Raffle Plus at Code Canyon

Check out my previous review of Contest Blitz

Momentum Chrome Extension

This is a cool free extension that makes the default page when you open a new tab in chrome that shows your time. You type in the ONE THING you need to get done. It also shows your weather and links to a to do list, and apps. It’s pretty cool. If you are using chrome check it out. It’s free.

Note to change the clock format, just double click it.

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If you are doing any kind of affiliate marketing through amazon, you have got to check out this plugin. It’s called Fresh Bundle Master. It starts at $17. and you can send multiple products to amazon instead of having them click on a single product at a time.


Instead of having your visitors click one product at a time you can make a bundle of products that they click ONE button and ALL the products are added. There are cool ways to make this display, but in the end the ability to recommend productS is way, way, cool.

Check out this Video

For more information check out Fresh Bundle Master

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