Video Motion Pro $233 Cheaper than Camtasia

There are a ton of Video creation tools that have come out over the last few months. If you can’t afford Camtasia ($300) wait till you hear about Video Motion ($67). Video Motion Pro has the following tools

This software makes it super easy to:

Record your camera and/or screen
Do green screen effects.
You can edit on a time line
You can upload directly to YouTube
Includes 20 audio tracks for videos
Includes auto updates.
30 logo animations (to make your own intro)

I really liked the Video Outro creator. This is that shot at the end of the video where you see multiple videos at the same time with a subscribe button. It really makes it easy and the best part is it’s only $67. Now they will try to get you with an upsale ($67) for more animations and audio, but you can always decline. They then try to upsell you a player. If you keep saying no, you spend $67 for a great piece of software.

Flyzoo Chat System

Today I found a cool chat system that can be used to do a chat for site visitors, or a chat for a group of people. It works on your phone as well and you can customize the whole system. Different pay scales provides more room for more users.