Nimble Organizes Your Social Stream and Allows You To Make Better Connections

I’ve heard about Nimble from a few folks and its pretty cool. For it to get really powerful you need to give it permission to access things like twitter, facebook, Gmail, and Google+, and your calendar (and others if you want). Then it imports all of your contact. You can then go into your contacts and have it remind you and setup tasks to stay in touch with these folks. You can go into their profiles and easily see their social media stream. You can turn an email, tweet, post, etc into a task. This will all be tied into that profile of that person. You can also send out message and delay them as well.

Nimble comes with a 14 day trial and its worth signing up just to see the view. It’s hard to describe. Its like no view you’ve ever seen, and its uber convenient to have everything in one space.

Their mobile apps is limited compared to the web version of their program (basically an advanced contact manager). If you are a small business person, its only $15 per user. Check it out at

Panda Doc and Easy Way to Sign Things Digitally

Panda Doc allows you to upload your document, choose what fields need signed, and then send it to your contact. You get insights into when they open it, how long they look at each section and more. The best part is you ca try it free (you get three documents). If you refer someone, you get more free documents. If you want to pay for them, they start at free. The one thing that makes this different is it appears to tie into every imaginable system on the planet. I don’t have a use for this tool (I found out about it from Nimble) but I can see where this could useful – especially the paralytics. Check it out at


We’ve heard it over and over that the money is in the list. Today we have a tool that enables people to get on your list by texting a word to a number. Another tool allows you to do full on SMS marketing.

Got a tool? Call it in 888-563-3228 (be sure to mention your website)


Join By Text – Well Named

This product does one thing, and it does it well. You can provide a keyword and a number and when people text to it, they are instantly sent a message asking for their email address. When they send it, they are subscribed to your email list. It works with all the typical players (Aweber, Mail Chimp). the cost is $19 a month. For more information go to

Call Loop

SMS MarketingCall Loop is more of a marketing tool that uses SMS. You can have auto responders when people text your keyword to a number . The packages start at free with each text cost .05. The keyword is $10 a month. I’ve used it for two days and have already had someone sign up and use a coupon that I had automatically delivered. If you wanted to you could also do a voicemail blast where you record a message and everyone gets a call (I hate these myself, we all get a ton of these around election time). You can also integrate this tool into your current email sign up form. By adding a phone field, when someone signs up for your email list they are on both your email and SMS list. Plans go from free all the way up to 99 a month with three keywords. For more information go to



It seems everywhere I go see an optin monster box popping up at me. I really wanted to review it. I wanted to get a good look. I was amazed at all the options that are available. you have an INSANE amount of control on how your optin forms appear. You can customize it down to the category, post, category and more. You can even set it to only show up on the SECOND time a person visits your site (As well as the expected configuration options as to how many times it shows up and how frequnetly it shows up).

The feature that everyone seems to be raving about is the Exit Intent feature. This means that when you go to click on the X to close a tab, the option box appears. This is really cool. There are even cool effects you can use to have the optin come flying in with all sorts of eye catching flare.

The one thing I liked about this plugin is there is a large amount of customization that you can put together, but I never had to reach for documentation (not for the record I’m familiar with wordpress plugin installations). The only thing that threw me for a loop was I had to allow aweber and optin monster talk to each other. So when I was told that (it mentions it in the configuration area) they had a direct link to explain how. This was an aweber thing, and not an optin monster thing. The cool thing was it took me next to know time to install, and create my first optin.

You then get stats on how many times it was viewed, and how many signs up you get. You can have an unlimited number of forms, and the with canvas option, you have some very powerful tools to create some stunning looking optin forms.

We all know what the optin forms look like, but what does the back end look like? Here is a quick video to help you.

If your interested in optin skin, check out (affiliate link)



Udemy and Skillfeed are two sites where you can create courses to sell. It doesn’t cost you anything to list your course and there are people making a fair amount of money with these sites. Like anything else, you get out of it what you put into it. In my case I don’t promote my courses (so any money made came from being found on the site). Here is how the money is broken down.

You keep 100% of the revenue (minus payment fees) when you bring new students to Udemy. For every student Udemy brings to your course through our marketing efforts, you keep 50% of the sale. Udemy handles all customer service, payment processing and hosting fees, and gives you access to the complete feature set of Udemy including the mobile version of your courses all for no additional cost. You can see more information on our revenue share here.

How should I price my course?
Some instructors use a metric of around $10 – $30 per hour of course content. Most courses on Udemy are priced between $29 – $99.

Each month, 30% of Skillfeed’s revenue is allocated to instructor earnings. The remaining 70% is used to invest in Skillfeed’s mission to help instructors reach the broadest possible audience, with the primary focus being on marketing instructors’ courses and building and maintaining a platform that makes it easy to discover and enjoy helpful instructional videos

When I first launched my Planning Your Podcast Course I did some promotion at Udemy and made almost $80 (4 sales). That was a while ago. I make one or two sales a month ($5 – $15 take home). I’ve just started using Skillfeed and in the two months I’ve used it I’ve made around $35.

Udemy has a cool app for ipads and phones.

If you’re not looking to get your teach on, there are TONS of courses on all sorts of topics.

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